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"The alternative options plan makes more sense to me. Thanks."   ~ Guest

"Our Supervisor has said we need this project because Marshall's Main Street sidewalks are terrible. That is debatable, as I have walked them in both rain and shine. All we need to do is repair the sidewalk spots that need repair; this multi-million dollar, over-the-top project is a terrible way to rectify the minor and cosmetic needs of Marshall, burdening the people of Marshall with a 400% tax rate increase, in a best case scenario. If Fauquier County is unable to repair and maintain the sidewalks we currently have, how in the world are they able to repair and maintain bricks, trees, flowerbeds, and all the intricacies of this proposed project? Please do NOT send this project to bid."  ~ Guest

"I prefer the Alternative Option for Marshall! Please listen to the citizens that elected you and do what is right for Marshall!"   ~ Guest

"I vote for an alternative plan!!! "   ~ Guest

" I’m all for the alternative plan!"  ~  Guest

"I prefer alternative plans. Please allow the citizens who live or walk Main Street frequently to have a say in changes to their home space."  ~ Guest

"I say no to the county’s proposal. Leave Marshall the great small town it is!!!!"  ~ Guest

 "I support the Alternative Plan. It is clear to me that those who are making the decisions have not visited Marshall on a weekend. Main Street is quite busy these days but visitors are crossing where they shouldn't and opening their car doors without looking. If you decrease the width of the street, these problems will only get worse"  ~ Guest