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"Sadly, I think we may need to begin calculating how much it is going to COST us to Rectify this fiasco, after it has been Shoved down our unwilling throats, and proves to be the grade-A disaster it is bound to be. If, if IF, it can be shut down, in it's entirety, BEFORE we spend the 6+ MILLION dollars on it (you MARK my words. Have you EVER seen a project like this come in UNDER budget?? It WILL go into cost overruns.), the +/-$400,000 the COUNTY will have to eat for not having vetted this pet project will come across as chump change."   ~ Chris Cloud

"The alternative options plan makes more sense to me. Thanks."   ~ Becky

"Our Supervisor has said we need this project because Marshall's Main Street sidewalks are terrible. That is debatable, as I have walked them in both rain and shine. All we need to do is repair the sidewalk spots that need repair; this multi-million dollar, over-the-top project is a terrible way to rectify the minor and cosmetic needs of Marshall, burdening the people of Marshall with a 400% tax rate increase, in a best case scenario. If Fauquier County is unable to repair and maintain the sidewalks we currently have, how in the world are they able to repair and maintain bricks, trees, flowerbeds, and all the intricacies of this proposed project? Please do NOT send this project to bid."  ~ Guest 1

"I prefer the Alternative Option for Marshall! Please listen to the citizens that elected you and do what is right for Marshall!"   ~ Guest 2

"I vote for an alternative plan!!! "   ~ Guest 3

"Thank you for putting forth a simple, comprehensive alternative."  ~ Liz Wine

"Is it of any use to even voice "options" as "alternatives"? My understanding is that we are still trying to gain permission to put the power lines underground, and that the rest of the plan either "GOES FORWARD" or we lose the entire amount invested and the whole project. In which case, PLEASE LET IT GO FORWARD. I'm in favor of continuing since we have the grant money now and won't be likely to see it again. ...took 10 years to get to this point so don't trash it and start over. It'll never happen a second time. Should be very beautiful when done!! MIGHT even get those lines underground too. Let's support our efforts so far and try to get permission from all involved to mount those transformers."

~ Dr. Rebecca Verna

" I’m all for the alternative plan!"  ~  Joanne Hytner

"I prefer alternative plans. Please allow the citizens who live or walk Main Street frequently to have a say in changes to their home space."  ~ Guest 4

"Marshall needs a redo it’s deteriorating, sidewalks are dirty, old looking, falling apart. I doesn’t look appealing to visitors. Who cares if the take away two feet, cars need to not park on the street it’s very hard and dangerous pulling out of the street coming out of the Marshall Vet Clinic because the cars parked in the street are blocking the view to cars trying to go into the road."  ~ Guest 5

"I say no to the county’s proposal. Leave Marshall the great small town it is!!!!"  ~ Guest 6

" Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to weigh in on this issue. I have lived in Marshall my whole life, and I'm very proud of my town. I do agree that narrowing the streets and adding superfluous trees and flowerbeds are counterproductive. Considering traffic through town has increased significantly and will continue to do so, space along main street and side streets is crucial. The biggest issue we face right now is parking. Marshall needs a parking area, even if its metered. I don't know why the lot in front of the old IGA couldn't be utilized somehow. Meters would help pay for maintenance as well. Street parking is also an issue. With more people and more cars, it is difficult to see pedestrians as well. I think our biggest questions are: Do we really want to grow? If so, are we willing to accommodate that? I'd love to know what both the Improvement Project and Grassroots group propose about parking solutions. Thank again for the opportunity!"  ~ Cassidy Glascock