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This site is to create a safe space for respectful dialog and helpful information as part of our civil discourse and problem-solving.  Since many with an alternative view have not felt they have had a voice nor have been part of the discussion, this site was birthed.  We encourage all views and greatly appreciate how polite and thoughtful all your comments have been.  Thanks for sharing!

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A few key points

Who We Are


Marshall is neither Middleburg nor Warrenton.  We are a rural agricultural working community with great local restaurants and shops.

Let's continue to coexist that way.

That's part of our charm!

Wide Streets


Let's leave the streets wide and let VDOT repave, as they have been waiting to do.  With our taxpayer dollars already allotted to VDOT maintenance, let VDOT retrofit our sidewalks to make them handicap accessible.

Marshall is growing.  Now is not the time to narrow Main Street.  Wider streets allow greater margins of safety in Marshall.

When The Time Is Right


Let the $6 million project go.  Instead, use cost- and time-efficient ways to beautify Main Street.  Repair sidewalks if necessary, not replace.  Start now to research sensible ways to address  power lines in the future.

Shaping Marshall Main Street Alternative

Your opinion and ideas count~Please share with us!

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Support an alternative to the County's Main Street Plan

At the September 2018 public presentation on the County's design plans for the Project, the majority of citizens were against it.  Here we are in September 2019 and there is still widespread dissatisfaction with a project that has ballooned to over $6 million.  

There is a better way.  If you agree, please let us know!

We look forward to your comments and respect your privacy.

Thank you!

Shaping Marshall Together!

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